OIT And Baked Milk Is Not For Everyone.

A lot of hype has been going on about Oral Immunotherapy (OIT), and in the case of milk allergies, a lot has been written about doing baked milk, or even something called the milk ladder to resolve milk allergies.  Just this week, I saw many people on the internet say baked milk is the cure and it’s easy to resolve a milk allergy.
I am here to tell you that while studies show that somewhere between 75-80% of children with milk allergies can have baked milk, as decent amount can’t. I know this first hand. I have 2 children who are allergic to dairy.  My older son actually was a participant in the much talked about Baked Milk Study. We were so excited at the time that while my other son didn’t qualify, at least he did.  I was told his blood numbers looked good for a favorable outcome, His skin test look moderate, not awful. This baked milk study had 4 parts to it.  1st a baked muffin, then you would progress to things like really baked pizza, then you would work up to a pudding.   I knew we wouldn’t get past the pizza, but I was hoping we could get past the muffin so we could add it into his diet.  I was familiar with this idea as my younger son was doing baked egg at the time.  So, my older son started with the muffin, and all looked good.  Then, an hour and a half in, after he had eaten 70% of the muffin, he sneezed and started coughing and couldn’t stop. Boom. Epinephrine was administered. Thankfully, they were prepared and responded at the first sign.
What did we learn from all this? Well first, my son said he never wanted to do that again.  But we learned his milk allergy wasn’t going away. In fact, each year since, we run tests to see if there has been any change. We were actually not able to complete the study as his numbers have only climbed higher and higher since then. We were told it we could NOT try again.
It’s infuriating to see people think that if someone has a milk allergy, they can just start eating baked milk and the allergy will resolve, since for 25% of the milk allergic population that will not be the case. People need to understand there is no 100% fix for food allergies, despite what some have said.
I have put my children in any study that I thought could help. My youngest child has been in studies since he was 6 months old. That’s over 10 years.  My younger son is in the milk patch study now, with the hopes that might lessen his reactions. I don’t expect it to fully resolve his allergy.  I fully expect my older son to remain allergic to milk. Heck, I am allergic to milk so I shouldn’t be shocked.
So, until this allergy thing is all sorted out, please please, don’t tell people baked milk, or OIT or the milk ladder is the solution. While it may be successful for many, it also has failed for many.