My Response

I feel the need to defend myself because  a  food allergy business went on a tirade and took to Twitter, a very public forum, and spread total lies about me in an attempt to make me look bad.  EVERY single word is untrue!

I am not the mouthpiece of ANY organization or group except for All Allergies Matter, which is me and my positive parenting group.

I wrote two blog posts for the peanut allergy facts blog, which many food allergy advocates write for, and I never received a dime for those posts. I wrote 2 posts on ALL allergies as I always do.

All Allergies Matter is not receiving funding at this time.  Contrary to what the business stated on Twitter, I don’t get paid for my blog either, no clickbait, nothing! It’s a free wordpress page.

I am being bullied for speaking up, and saying that we need to start educating that all food allergies are dangerous and need to be handled equally. Nobody is paying me to say this.  I am speaking up because I need to, for my kids and kids like them. I have to raise the awareness because  this is MY life,  This is many other people’s lives too. I am sorry peanuts are not the only life threatening food allergy.  We need to stop thinking it is!  I would scream this message from the roof tops if I could. I will write for any blog that will give me space Just so this message is heard.

So here is a food allergy business with backers, bullying a food allergy mom for speaking up and educating.  I will not be silent. I will keep educating and I will keep helping others who are in the same situation.  Our kids’ safety depends on it.




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