A Question?

For weeks now I have been watching the media coverage on the airline complaint made by Mary Vargas and FARE.  Please take note that this complaint was made  supposedly with All food allergy surffers in mind. To date I have not seen that message get across.  All the media attention and comments are about peanut  allergies.

So what about those of us with other allergies?  No awareness raised, no addressing the issue that we have people who WILL potentially have the same type  reaction if they to come in contact with their allergen

I guess we don’t matter, I guess when I ask for pre boarding due to my kids dairy, Seseme, tree nut, and fish allergy and asthma. I will still get blank stares.   I don’t want my kids sitting  directly next to someone eating Doritos or Cheetos for a flight.. honestly my kids are seeing this coverage and they are saying what about us..

The truth is  I also have severe asthma  and FYI my parents never took me anywhere because of it my first flight was when I was 23. But what about the person who is also allergic to dogs and cats which are now allowed on? 0r fragrance allergies?

How is this coverage helping the 11.5 million with food allergies other then nuts?

So my question is what will all this do for those of us without peanut allergies? And what do we do if only nuts are accommodated?









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