Lost Hope

About a month ago, I wanted to put both my boys on the list to enroll for the clinical trial of the milk patch. When I sent my boys’ names into the study, they replied to me telling me that my older son’s IGE level to milk was too low to be part of it.  I was shocked to learn in 2010, his milk IGE level was 6.5! I did not know he was ever that low. While he was in the baked milk study, his IGE level was rising yearly although he only at baked milk once, to the last one being 55. Given that it was unclear, they recommended that we retest him since it was such a long time. During this time, I was surprised he had such a low IGE number considering my other son has always been 100+.   To know that at one point my other son was 6.5, it was like nothing to me so we retested and during this time we were hopeful that perhaps his numbers did go down, and maybe he would not qualified to be in the milk patch trial. Although, deep down I knew this was not the case.  e were  recently in Florida, and my son had what appeared to be an airborne reaction from just being in a pizza place. He has also been wheezing and having asthma issues being around things with dairy so I suspected something was going on.


Yesterday, I got the blood test results and it was truly surprising to me! He is now a class six dairy allergy–100+ for his IGE level for dairy ,casein,and whey. Along with that, he recently has started complaining about steak bothering his tongue and his mouth starting to itch. Once in awhile, he would eat a hamburger and he would say it bothered his mouth. I decided that we should test him for a beef IGE also, considering my younger son use to be allergic to beef and there is a 15 to 20% crossover between dairy and beef allergies. To my surprise, my son is also allergic to beef. Now that makes dairy, fish, and beef at 12 years old.He has gained two new allergies.


I can’t help but feel disappointed and even feel that some of this is my fault.  His IGE level when he was younger was so low, at one point we weren’t so careful about minor cross-contamination or an accidental exposure. In recent years, we became much stricter about strict avoidance and only since then have his numbers gone higher. I can’t help but feel that if I hadn’t been so diligent about it, perhaps his numbers wouldn’t have climbed yearly.

I feel like I’m taking this harder than my other son’s allergies because my older son has always been my less allergic child, the one that I didn’t have to think everything through for; now they’re both equal.  They’re both the same.  They both have class six extreme dairy allergies and not only that, but he now is having airborne reactions to the dairy.
Between one son who is dairy, fish, beef allergic and the other allergic to dairy, sesame, and tree nuts,  I feel like I hate all food. I know I can’t. I know I should just say okay, move on. Not much has changed.  But I am faced with the reality neither of my boys are going to outgrow their dairy allergy. A food that is everywhere. It would have been nice to not have to worry. However, this is what it is, and we will just keep dealing with it.


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