Being A Food Allergy Mom

Being a food allergy mom.

As I write this my 12 year old, multiple allergic and asthmatic son is off at his first Bar Mitzvah that he is attending alone, without me. Am I nervous, yes, am I also nervous whether he will behave and not get in trouble. I took all the steps, called the venue ahead of time, found out menu, and told them his allergies. I reminded him before he left to ask before he ate. I also sent him off with his Epi, Benadryl and rescue  inhaler.
To say I am not worried would be a lie, I have already texted him. But food allergies and asthma aside, I would still be worried. Is he being social or playing on his phone? I think to some extent all of us mom worry and have anxiety about these things. Food allergies just add one more thing to worry about.
I think we as food allergy moms need to learn that we aren’t all that different from moms who don’t have kids with food allergies. The bigger issue is that we must give our kids the tools to manage without us constantly with them, and for us to control our fears enough so we don’t limit them. Something that I know I need to work on.


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