Food Allergy Support

By Harriet

I recently read a post online about how we should scaffold each other and how we must support each other in the food allergy community. I agree!

Lately, many parents have contacted me complaining about how they have been banned, blocked, and/or attacked online because they had a different viewpoint. Sadly, I too have had this experience all too often. When dealing with food allergies, all of us come into this with our own experiences and our own viewpoints. It is ironic that many of the parents who call for support are the first ones to not support those with other food allergies that are not typically considered “as deadly”. When we highlight that these allergies, and any allergy can be just as dangerous or deadly as any other, we don’t get support from everybody.

We do need to stop one-upping each other on who has the more deadly and dangerous allergen. They all cause stress and other problems for every family that faces them. No allergen should demand special accommodations over anyone else’s.

We must stop this bullying within the food allergy community. Just because you don’t have the same opinion does not mean you are not supportive. If you see the situation differently, that should not be grounds for banning, bullying attacks, and deleting posts.

We are all food allergy parents we all have the same concerns. If somebody is of the opinion that they are against nut bans or that they believe in teaching their children independence, this does not make them wrong. This does not make them grounds for silencing and attacks and removal from groups.

It is for this reason that I have created two Facebook support groups. A place where people come for positive support support from people with all different kinds of experiences and viewpoints without the worry that someone will feel offended because it’s not the popular view. I do not feel that having a child with food allergies is a devastating diagnosis. For this reason my post will only be about the positives. No food allergy related deaths on this site. We are positive about our food allergies and we will be there for each other. Everyone has a right to feel and express the way that they feel about their food allergies without the fear of being silenced.

If you want to join our positive parenting environment you can look for us on Facebook. The name of the group is Positive Parenting with Food Allergies. If you are also dealing with a child with anaphylaxis to dairy feel free to join us at the group Living with Anaphylaxis to Dairy. We are a great group of people who have many viewpoints and experiences, but have one common goal: Raising well-adjusted children and being a voice for those with food allergies.